I think I’m done

I finally finished the rest of the scaves.  Two of my granddaughters picked the Nobo for theirs, the other 2 picked the pink and lavender fur,  I had enough to make matching hats for the 2 little ones, although one isn’t quite finished.  The blue scarf goes to our oldest daughter.  Now back to my other projects, and I promise I won’t be posting pics of another scarf for a while.


Fun Fur Scarf

My mom went on a fun fur buying spree and wanted a scarf made, she also got for me to make my sisters and my niece and grandddaughter.  These are the ones I’ve finished so far.   She got the tan, my sisters get the blue and black, and my niece gets the green and pink.

Bed of Roses Carriage Robe

I completed this pattern in Shaded teal.  The pattern is from Crochet Today however, I made it smaller measuring 36 X 36 instead of 52 X 68.  Not really sure if you’ll be able to see the pattern from this picture.

Piggy back Pals #2

I have been testing these 3 adorable critters for the last week.  They are from a talented designer named Kristie.  You can visit her shop at www.kristieskids.etsy.com.  Hope you find them as cute as my family did.

Kenya Ripple

Received an order on Thursday eve for a ripple afghan, she wanted it approximately 44 X 65 and this one measures 43 X 64.  The pattern is called Kenya Ripple, however I used the colors my friend gave to me, which were paddy green and maize.  I already had the white.

Say It With Flowers

I finished the 4 pieces of this layette set, the lady didn’t want a blanket made.  I did alter the booties.  I also didn’t put the flowers on as the stitch is so girly, and with the colors I used I thought it was pretty.  The couple I made it for is just tickled with it.

Thank You

 I received a beautiful reveal package today from my secret pal at the Ville.  Thank you so much M, it is great and I love the fun fur yarn.  I have loved everything she has sent me over the last 3 months, this has been a great experience.  I hope to be able to keep in touch with her from time to time.  Thanks again, it sure brightened my day.

Heavenly Star Cluster Treasure Box Foot Rest

Have been running the last several days, and having a great time.  I did manage to finish another design.  My latest in a collection of these I’m making for my parents.


These are the first 3 pieces of the Say It With Flowers Layette set I’m working on.  I still need to get the embelishments yet.  Will do them all after I finish the dress to it.