Little Friends Backpack

I borrowed my friends book 100 Crochet Projects and did this little girls backpack for our upcoming ag expo.  Not sure what I’ll do with it afterwards, but I’m sure 1 of my granddaughters will like the color.


Fair Results

I wound up entering 64 items, although I had a total of 67 completed.  I forgot to put a few on my preregistration sheet, and decided I had enough.  I got a ribbon for 61 out of 64 items.  38 Blue (1st),  16 Red (2nd), and 7 White (3rd)  Here is the link to pictures, if you’d like to visit.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I got them for.

2 Afghans, Sunglass Case, Pillowcases

Here are more of the items I made to take to our fair tomorrow.  I entered 65 items, they had to be preregistered.  When I packed them up a little while ago, oops I have 67 items made.

3 Weeks of Crochet

Here is most of what I’ve completed since I last posted, but not all of it.  There’s a lot laying there, and I’m quite sure not all of it showed up.  I’ve also finished a few more doilies, an afghan, and a rug which aren’t in the picture.