Poncho, Kitchen Set, Placemat

These are just a few of what I’ve finished since my last post, I’ve been busy getting projects ready for fair and just not taking the time to post.  The poncho is for my granddaughter Zuzu, it’s made out of Red Heart Bright and Lofty.  The kitchen set and placemat are both made out of cotton.  Later on this week I’ll try and take time to get pics of some of the other finished projects.



Sweet Scallops Shawl

Another finished fair project.  This pattern came from the Lion Brand Site.  It is a very simple pattern, but will look nice with jeans, or dress pants.  I used a lovely S Charles yarn.

Churn Dash Pillow

From the Leisure Art’s Leaflet Country Pillows.  The pattern is worked off a graph.  I tried a different yarn than what the pattern called for.  I used Patton’s Sahara.  It has a very soft texture, my daughter says it feels similar to a nice terry cloth.