Post Stitch Layette Set

This is the Post Stitch Layette Set from Leisure Arts Layettes for Baby.  I did make my own pattern for the hat since it is a boy.  I thought this pull on hat would be better, no ties to worry about.


Table Top Charm

Wow another item off my to finish list.  This is Table Top Charm from Annie’s Attic daily patterns.  It wasn’t quite big enough for my friends table so I just added a couple rows to it.  I am pleased with it and hope she likes it.

Teal and Tassels Treasure Box Foot Rest

This is number 4 of a project  I am designing.  I still have 1 more to design to give as a gift, then I am going to design one for myself.

Gingerbread Man

 I finished the cute Mr & Mrs Gingerbread man this week, It was a test pattern and I think the designer did a great job.  I also finished a scarf and a tablecloth.  The tablecloth isn’t as big as what I need so am in the process of figuring out how to make it a little bigger.  I also have another of my treasure boxes almost finished.

I managed to finish organizing my craft room yesterday with a little help from a friend.  She has been a crocheter for years but couldn’t read patterns.  I am working with her on that.

My sister’s wedding went great, she was thrilled with the photo album I made.  I still think flowers on it would have looked nice, but she said no, she’s not a frilly person.

Busy Week

Its been a hectic week and not over yet, still have my sister’s wedding tomorrow.

Managed to do a little more on the round tablecloth, and finished a scarf.  Also started a knit scarf.  Finished a Fancy Topper today.  Still have the lid and bottom covers to do to finish that project.  Haven’t decided what I’m going to call this pattern yet.  Working on ornaments for Xmas too, I just need some more time in the day.

Another Finished project

 Finished this little fairy yesterday, It was a test pattern and the designer sure did a wonderful job on her.  If you want to meet some of these talented designers, just join the ville, the link is on my page.

I still have the beads to put on my scarf, it is very time consuming threading them, and just can’t do it all at once, I’ll get it done though.  I’ve also did another row on the round tablecloth, and still working on the design I posted on Thursday.

All in all its been a good weekend, I did take a break today and went to a picnic.  I still got a little crochet in though.

Why did I start something new

Well I didn’t finish the scarf yet, still have border and beads.  So why on earth did I start this.  Just for the break I guess.  Have a while to go on designing this piece yet but will get there.  And I will have border finished this week, but I am just not looking forward to threading all those beads.

Hubby took me to Walmart this morn and got me 3 bags of yarn on sale.  Don’t have any projects in mind for them yet, but will figure out something.


I have a scarf just about finished it will be a surprise.  a couple more rows then the border.  Whats going to take the time is the beading thats on it.  Must thread over 800 of them, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Mr Bunny day

Today was great.  I was given the opportunity to be a pattern tester for a designer on the ville.  Mr Bunny is so adorable.  I was lucky to be able to test it out.  He (well turned mine into a she)  is so huggable. 

I also got my first package from my secret pal on the ville.  I absolutely love the photo frame and pendant cutter.